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Christ's United Welcomes Youth of all ages!

The goal of the Youth Ministry Team is to help Youth build a lifelong joyous relationship with Jesus Christ. As abilities and interests change with age, Christ's United has both Junior and Senior Youth Groups. A few times a year the Groups join forces for activities.

Junior Youth
Junior Youth is for youth ages 6-11. The Junior Youth Group enjoys events every other month,
including bowling, pizza making, movies, and crafts.

Advisors Angie Berger.

Senior Youth
Senior Youth is for Youth ages 11-18. The Senior Youth meets monthly for a night of worship, food, and fun.
In addition, the Senior Youth does service projects for the church and our community.

Advisors Tracy Berner and Aaron Stepanchick.

Family Faith Challenge
Family faith challenge guidelines for the year:
    Worship God together once a week
    Gather together around a table six times a week
    Have an empty chair at the table to represent God's presence
    Make sure each person has his/her time to talk
without interruptions
    Read from an age-appropriate Bible for your children

Upcoming Events

Check back for Upcoming Events

ALUMINUM RECYCLING: Youth collect and recycle aluminum cans. Please rinse cans before depositing them in bins located outside at the back of the building. Contact: Tracy Berner

PUPPET PROGRAM: Youth who have completed Confirmation operate a puppet theater, performing Bible based plays for the Sunday School program and special events. Contact: Aaron Stepanchick

Please feel free to contact us for more info!

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