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Christ's United Welcomes Youth of all ages!

The goal of the Youth Ministry Team is to help Youth build a lifelong joyous relationship with Jesus Christ. As abilities and interests change with age, Christ's United has both Junior and Senior Youth Groups. A few times a year the Groups join forces for activities.

Junior Youth
Junior Youth is for youth ages 6-11. The Junior Youth Group enjoys events every other month,
including bowling, pizza making, movies, and crafts.

Advisors Angie Berger.

Senior Youth
Senior Youth is for Youth ages 11-18. The Senior Youth meets monthly for a night of worship, food, and fun.
In addition, the Senior Youth does service projects for the church and our community.

Family Faith Challenge
Family faith challenge guidelines for the year:
    Worship God together once a week
    Gather together around a table six times a week
    Have an empty chair at the table to represent God's presence
    Make sure each person has his/her time to talk
without interruptions
    Read from an age-appropriate Bible for your children

Bear Creek Camp Resources
Bear Creek Camp Website

ALUMINUM RECYCLING: Youth collect and recycle aluminum cans. Please rinse cans before depositing them in bins located outside at the back of the building. Contact: Carrie Hummel

PUPPET PROGRAM: Youth who have completed Confirmation operate a puppet theater, performing Bible based plays for the Sunday School program and special events.