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The History of Christ's United
On the first day of January 1969, five Lutheran congregations - Good Shepherd, Ashland; St. John's, Kimmels; St. Paul's, Gordon; St. Peter's, Lavelle, and Zion, Girardville - united in ministry to form Christ's United Lutheran Church. A single council handled the business of the congregation, while each "chapel" held its own worship services led by pastors called by the congregation.

In the late 1980's, the congregation began to feel the need to move into a new direction and centralize worship and ministry. By a vote of the congregation on January 31st, 1988, Christ's United took a leap of faith and decided to become more fully united by building a new facility to house worship and ministry. As the point plans for the new facility were finalized, only two of the original congregations - St. John's and St. Peter's - remained, the other chapels having become independent congregations once again.

Ground was broken for the construction of the new building on April 11th, 1992. Excitement was high as the congregation and community watched as beams were put up, the roof put on, the bricks laid, and as a new building appeared before them. The new home of Christ's United Lutheran Church was officially dedicated on December 27th, 1992, a day that marks the culmination - but not completion - of many years of work. In 2002 the congregation celebrated paying off the original mortgage, ten years after the dedication. Within six years - 2008 - Christ's United began and completed its second building project, adding on more space and re-modeling the kitchen.

The building process helped Christ's United truly understand what it means to be one congregation focused on Jesus, rather than themselves. Whether it be World Hunger programs or the local food pantry, Bible studies or Services of Blessing, the congregation consistently demonstrates the importance of ministry to the poor and outreach in the community.

The building quickly became home to a growing number of ministries by which the congregation witnesses to Jesus Christ in the community and throughout the world. Currently, twelve different ministry committees and three groups oversee and implement more than twenty-four programs and countless projects to help all people know that we are united in Christ.

May God bless our future as He has blessed our past, and may the ministry of God at Christ's United thrive and prosper for the sake of the Gospel. Amen!

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