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Saturdays @ 5:00pm
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Council Members
Dr. Kay Berner
Vice President

Dr. Berner serves ex-officio on each committee of the congregation and leads both council and congregational meetings.
Nancy Lindenmuth

Linda is responsible for the official minutes of council and congregational meetings, as well as correspondence of the congregation.

Dr. Kay Berner

Council liaison to the Evangelism/Outreach Ministry Team.
Angie Berger

Council Liaison for the Endowment Fund Committee and the Christian Education Team.
Ann Marie Dillman

Council liaison for the Personnel Committee.
Stephen Wolfgang

Council Youth Representative and a Liaison to Youth Ministries in the congregation and ELCA.
Ann Marie Dillman

Ann Marie is responsible for the financial records, proposal of an annual budget, and payment of ministry costs and is the congregation Treasurer.
Terry Sterling

Council Liaison for Worship and Music Team.

John Towey

Council Liaison for LCM and Property Committee.
Mark Varndell

Council Liaison for the Stewardship Committee.
Beth Andrews

Council Liaison for WELCA.